10 Beauty Tips for Your Southern California Wedding Preparation

makeup1So you have set the big day!  Venue is booked, caterer is set, and the cake is ordered.  Now what to do in order to prepare yourself for the big day as far as beautifying.  Here are a few little helpful tips in order to make sure you look your best for your big day.

1.  Hydrate

Drinking water is very important for your skin.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water starting now!

2.  Start a Skincare Regiment

Make sure that you are properly cleaning and moisturizing your face and body.  Make sure to exfoliate as well, just not on the same day as your wedding.
Your Orange County makeup artist will thank you!

3.  Get waxed

Get rid of all your unwanted hair at least 2 to 3 days before your event.  Makeup doesn’t like to adhere to a freshly waxed brow area, so make sure to have that scheduled in advance.

4.  Avoid the flat iron

It is suggested that you avoid the flat iron the day of your wedding as this could affect the curl that you may want in your hair.
Your Palm Springs wedding hair specialist will thank you!

5.  Extend those lashes

Getting fake eyelashes put on will make your eye pop in photos.
Our glamorous and elegant “Palm Springs” eyelash extensions are the talk of your friends and the hit of your wedding photos!

6.  Brighten your smile

Whitening your teeth is definitely a great idea before you are showing those pearly whites to all your guests and the photographer!

7.  Get spray tanned!

Also recommended to be done about 3 days before the wedding so that there is no chance of it bleeding on your white dress!
Sometimes you even need a spray tan in Palm Springs and Orange County!

8.  Get a mani/pedi

Make sure your hands and toes are looking good for your special day.  You know everyone is going to be checking out that ring.

9.  Secure a makeup and hair artist

Picking the right stylist is very important for your event.  Make sure you are both on the same page.  Get in touch with your local makeup and hair stylist to discuss your upcoming event.

10.  Schedule a trial of makeup and hair

To ensure that everyone will be happy with the results of the makeup and hair it is important to make sure that you try out the style you are thinking in advance.  Contact your local makeup and hair artist to schedule a trial run!

We would love to be a part of your special day, and make sure you look your finest.  Contact us for an appointment to schedule your Orange County or Palm Springs wedding hair and makeup trial.

Specializing in corporate and entertainment industry events, we are the experienced hair and makeup artists that can handle your every need for any special day. So when you are planning to attend a special event, or even an event of your own anywhere from Orange County to Palm Desert, and want to be catered to like the stars contact Southern California Hair & Makeup for all of your beautification needs!


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