How to Choose Your Hairstyle For Your SoCal Orange County or Palm Springs Wedding

Trying on quinceanera dresses is the most exciting part of the planning process.

Trying on quinceanera dresses is the most exciting part of the planning process.

When you are planning your SoCal wedding, everything can be so overwhelming.  And choosing your hairstyle can be very difficult, especially because it can make or break the look you are going for on this big day!  So where do you begin on choosing that perfect hairstyle?

  • Choose Your Dress
    Choosing your dress first is important to how your hair will be styled.  It will determine the accessories, veil, etc.

  • Prepare to be Flexible
    Your hair just may not accommodate that style that you saw in the magazine.  And the vision of the perfect wedding hair you had from TV when you were little may not be a good style to match your dress.  Work with your stylist on the type of hair you have, your dress, and any accessories that you are planning (veil, flowers, etc.)
  • Don’t Change Your Persona
    If you are not comfortable with big up-dos, or huge flowers in your hair, then don’t do it!  You will be uncomfortable, and it will be written all over your face.  Also, if you have a busier dress with intricate bead work, you may want to do a more simple hairstyle to allow people to focus on the dress.
  • Book a Trial
    It is so important that you and your stylist are on the same page for your event.  It is also very important to make sure that you like the outcome of the style before the day of the event.  Make you sure you book a trial appointment so that you can accomplish this.
  • Veil or No Veil
    It has in more recent years become a very personal choice on if the bride decides to wear a veil or not.  Based on your dress, your personal preference and possibly the religious venue you have chosen, you will be able to determine if you are going to be wearing a veil or not.  It is important to factor this in when choosing your hairstyle.

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