Winter Wedding Looks for 2013: Hair & Makeup Inspiration

We all have different tastes, but one thing remains common to all: We want to look AMAZING on our wedding day! Looking for a Winter wedding makeup artist, Orange County brides can count on Joys Biz!

If your wedding is this Winter, I wanted to share some tips and inspiration for your hair and makeup.

As an Orange County makeup artist I have definitely applied all kinds of looks to my clients. Some want bold color and others a natural glow. Whatever you prefer, there are some basics that everyone needs to remember, especially for a winter wedding.

  • Winter means dry skin. Not everyone will hire a professional wedding makeup artist, so if you are doing it yourself you need to know it’s all about keeping that dry skin away so you can look your very best in your makeup. This doesn’t just mean on the day of your wedding. Start now with night-time moisturizing for your face. And be careful not to dry out your skin with your face wash. Don’t forget the rest of your body: lotions and oils are a friend to your skin and lip moisturizer is a MUST. Keep your glow for your wedding day!
  • Avoid Tanning Beds. I know you might want that perfect sun-kissed glow for your Winter wedding, but go with a bronzer as part of your makeup plan. You can try airbrushing to avoid drying out or toughening your skin, however, any tan can get on your wedding dress. I recommend a subtle bronzer shade to avoid looking like a summer bride who couldn’t book a venue when she really wanted it.
  • Natural Winter Tones. Winter wedding makeup often looks best in your natural skin tones. Make sure you are using the right shade of foundation if you are a few shades lighter now that your summer tan has faded.
  • Add some shimmer. A Winter wedding favorite is adding some shimmer to your makeup. Since there is going to be less natural light in the Winter time, you can brighten the room with your shimmering skin.
  • Winter means shadows. Because of the low lighting in Winter, you may end up with harsh shadows. Apply highlighting colors under your eyes, in the corner of your eyes, and other places the shadows will cast. Don’t overdo it though as you don’t want to appear greasy in your photos.

In addition to your makeup, your hair is one of the most important parts of your look for your wedding day. Bridal hair inspiration can come from many places – celebrities, friends, family, bridal magazines, etc. What you want to do is decide what would look best on you, and of course, Joys Biz can help!

  • Fancy, formal. Most Winter weddings are formal, so the updo is definitely popular for this time of year.
  • Curls. Finger curls also add an elegant touch to any hairstyle.
  • Accessorizing your do is always fun – something shimmery or elegant. Snowflakes, white flowers, all are perfect.
  • Flyaways and static can ruin your look. Be sure to use a deep conditioner each time you wash your hair from now until your wedding day. And if your hair is naturally dry and prone to static and flyaways, use a leave-in conditioner on your big day. As a back up plan, running a dryer sheet over your hair just before your photos can keep that static level down.

For more hair inspiration, check out our bridal hair and makeup photo gallery!

I hope your Winter wedding is amazing! I would be glad to help you make your look perfect for your big day, so choose me as your bridal hair and bridal makeup Orange County expert! Call 760.989.3774 today!

Specializing in corporate and entertainment industry events, we are the experienced hair and makeup artists that can handle your every need for any special day. So when you are planning to attend a special event, or even an event of your own anywhere from Orange County to Palm Desert, and want to be catered to like the stars contact Southern California Hair & Makeup for all of your beautification needs!


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